Most frequent questions and answers

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. Muscles are controlled by electric impulses from our brain. The brain sends small electric impulses, which cause muscles to do what you want them to. EMS uses the same function, and strengthens the impulses that come from our own body. Combined with the proven EMS BodyPOWER exercises, this gives you a very intensive and effective training.

As a member at EMS BodyPOWER® you will train wearing a vest with inbuilt electrodes. These electrodes give you power impulses on the large muscle groups (legs, glutes, abdominals,  chest, arms and back). Your EMS Trainer will guide you through a sequence of exercises, which will use all and various muscle groups. While you do these exercises, the training will be intensified through the power impulses, which go deeper into your musculature than you are used to, and give you a complete, intensive training of all of the muscles in just 20 minutes!

You have to try out. Most people find the EMS Training hard and challenging, and feel a “resistance” inside the muscle, but it is in no way uncomfortable, and your EMS Trainer will always make sure to adjust your individual intensity, which ensures you a good and effective training.

EMS training has been around since the mid-1960s. Until now however, it has primarily been used by physiotherapists and professional athletes who needed to treat injuries or to enable top performance.

EMS BodyPOWER® are the first in Denmark to offer intensive training of all muscles in the largest muscle groups through EMS training. But the technology isn’t new. In Germany there are more than 1.500 centers, and every month hundreds of thousands of EMS trainings take place not just in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland and a lot of other countries.

BOOK your INTRO SESSION– and you will feel the difference – EMS BodyPOWER® works! Sure, the principle of electric impulses to the muscles is the same. But that’s where the similarities  end. The belts work one muscle zone at the time and advertise that you put them around your stomach, sit in front of the TV with cola and chips – and then you’ve lost 10 kg before the movie’s over.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work!

A training with EMS BodyPOWER consists of three things:
1. Training with certified EMS Trainer.
2. The most modern technology on the market, which works all major muscle groups simultaneously.
3. A scientifically put together training programme, which has shown its effectiveness millions of times in EMS centres in Germany.

Yes! Electrical impulses have been used in medicine and physiotherapy since the 1960s. Modern EMS training is based on the methods and experiences curated over the past 50 years. Since 2002 the training has been scientifically documented by University of Bayreuth & Erlangen-Nürnberg and Deutschen Sporthochschule in Köln. These studies show that it improves  health to train with EMS.

Yes, just as with conventional training, EMS is something that should be done over long term to build up the muscles, and to maintain them. We have members training up to 4 years with continuous once a week – except holidays.

A session in a fitness centre usually takes 1½-2 hours including changing and warm up. When you include transport, you easily get up to 6-7 hours a week, to work out 3 times a week. For most people it isn’t easy or likely to prioritize  that much time for fitness. Time is valuable.
To achieve the same effect you only need to train once a week with EMS BodyPOWER®. Including changing and subsequent shower, it takes around 45 minutes – 20 minutes of which are with your EMS Trainer.

EMS BodyPOWER® focuses 100 % on giving our members the most effective training in the shortest time. And most important – we are guiding you in every session. We are continuously developing our offers for our members, whether  our members’ goals are to lose weight and/or to get stronger.

Since we know that our members have limited time available and care about health through effective training, we don’t have large wellness areas, saunas, tanning beds or cafes in our centres.

You come, you train and you’re out the door again in 30 – 45 minutes – and you’ve achieved the same thing that would have taken you hours in a fitness centre.

Our members cover the entire spectrum, from inactive to athlete, and we can help most to achieve their goals. If you cycle, run or play other kinds of sports you will find that EMS BodyPOWER® makes you a lot better and you will improve your performance.

When you train with EMS BodyPOWER® up to 80 % of the muscle fibres in the largest muscle groups are activated at the same time and it happens 150 times during a training. The impulses gets into the deepest muscles and is thus significantly more effective than regular training.

When you train at EMS BodyPOWER® you will experience a very intensive training, which works all the muscles in the biggest muscle groups at once. At the same time the electrical impulses give a deeper training to your muscles.
For all training the muscles need time to recover after a training. Due to the effectiveness of EMS training, we recommend one (max two) training(s) of 20 minutes per week.

You need to be at least 18 to become a member at EMS BodyPOWER®.

Yes! EMS training is advantageous as it does not strain your joints, and because so many muscle fibres are activated. This is especially true for people over 40. Studies show that people over 60 are also able to build muscles Therthrough EMS training, which is highly beneficial for arthritis and other age related challenges.

There are contraindicators, which we clarify at the INTRO SESSION. If you are pregnant and have a pacemaker we do not recommend EMS Training, and if you are diagnosed with a list of specific illnesses, we ask you to consult your doctor for approval before you start EMS.

At EMS BodyPOWER® you train wearing special designed sportswear; shorts and t-shirt that channel the impulses into your muscles.
We have it all ready for you. For your INTRO SESSION and every training thereafter.

All the muscles in your biggest muscle groups (legs,  glutes, abdominals, chest, arms and back) get trained deeply, intensively and at the same time through our training. If you are used to train 3-4 times a week in the gym – we recommend you to continue your training. And in this case once a week will be perfect for you, and EMS will help you get a better outcome of your other activities and prevent injuries by strengthening your  core muscles around your knees and back.

EMS training is effective strength training, which builds more and stronger muscle mass. It will not however, on its own, enable you to run a marathon. Even though the muscles in your legs are strong enough to carry you the 42 km, the heart and lungs need to also be able to keep up. And only a proper running plan helps here. We recommend focused circuit training in combination with the EMS training to strengthen your heath optimally.
EMS training is an excellent addition to all endurance sports, as it makes you stronger, and it cannot replace cardio training.

Yes. Our mission is “Making You Stronger” – and therefore we have a goal to activate more people in other sports and gyms. Most people cannot practice in a fitness centre, but with EMS they can become strong enough to start.

You can use EMS training as a supplement to practically all sports. Professional athletes especially use EMS training to build strength.

Yes. The intensive muscle training burns fat and activates your metabolism. Long term, the increased muscle mass will increase your energy and calorie burn.
Your body shape will change, the body gets tightened up and become more muscular. But remember that muscles are heavier than fat, so even though you lose centimeters, you won’t necessarily lose weight unless you change your diet and supplement with other exercise.

Yes, after a hernia EMS training is ideal and optimal, particularly as the deeper muscles in the back (and neck) get stimulated and strengthened. Imbalance gets corrected and the spine is stabilised by the strengthened muscles.

Bladder problems can be a problem after childbirth. EMS training can help and improve your core strength and prevent incontinence. Through strengthened pelvic muscles, muscle weaknesses and incontinence can be relieved or completely solved after just a few trainings. That’s why EMS Training is often used after birth.

Your reward is much higher than the alternatives. When you work out your time saving or compare EMS to other personal trainers, then EMS BodyPOWER® is the type of training that gives you the best results for your money. In fact, it is the only training concept that gives you documented results. BOOK your INTROSESSION here.